Group Therapy

Broken Promises

For adolescents struggling at home or school and live in a step, blended, single, or guardian led family home.  This is an 8 week group and topics include Abandonment, Trust, Loss, Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Healthy Coping Skills, and Alcohol and Drug Education.


For women struggling with worthiness. Topics include understanding and recognizing triggers to shame, vulnerabilities, awareness, and reaching out.  This is a 10 week group.

Seeking Safety

For women who have PTSD and Substance Use Disorder.  This is a 16 week group with topics such as grounding, healthy relationships, anger, and honesty.

Journey Through Grief

This group works through the stages of grief whether it’s from a loss due to death or any other cause.  Some losses to be considered are: chemical use loss, loss of gambling, loss of innocence, loss of childhood or “what could have been,” workplace loss, divorce, or abortion.  Individuals work on tailored written assignments between sessions.