After a devastating loss, I was at a very low point in my life.  My children suggested I seek counseling.  I fought this notion and attempted to get thru this difficult period on my own.  After realizing I was not being very successful, I did some research which resulted in my becoming one of Catherine’s clients. My initial contact with Catherine was professional, warm, and pleasant.  I felt at ease within moments.  At the conclusion of our first session, I left with trust, confidence, direction, and a set of goals.  I was looking forward to my next session.  Once grounded, my sessions were less frequent; but Catherine continued to stay in contact with me which demonstrated her caring for her clients. I am both thankful for seeking help and secondly for Catherine being the person to provide it.  Catherine is a credit to her profession.     ~Butch

I’m a single mom of two and I was raised in a single parent household. I saw my mom do it on her own so I was never afraid of the challenge. I did feel like it was a cycle I wanted to break. I got involved with a man who I thought was my knight in shining armor, boy was I wrong. I fell in love with him and when I say fell that’s exactly what I mean. He treated me like I was less than a human being and I did every thing in my power to try and make him love me. While I was fighting for him I gave up on everything and every one else. I ended up losing my job and just didn’t care about anything. I knew I had to get myself together because I have two little women that need me. I was referred to Catherine through my former employer and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I had seen a counselor before but I didn’t feel anything and continued to be depressed. Catherine made me feel like I’m talking to my sister or one of my girlfriends. I was so relaxed speaking to her. She reached out to me and gave me job leads, suggestions on places to apply and helped me write out a plan to get my life back on track. I’d be a home and receive encouraging texts from her that made me feel like I am a human being and I can be loved. She helped me to realize that I am somebody when I felt like I was nobody. I will be forever grateful to her. I didn’t just find help with my depression I found a friend.    ~Jamila

Its been almost a year since I started seeing Catherine for depression and anxiety. I have fought depression for nearly 10 years and after the birth of my son, I struggled with postpartum depression. It has been the scariest demon I have had to fight. I thought I could fight it on my own and everything would be ok. But after almost 2 years of struggling, I realized it was necessary to get help. I looked online and found Catherine in my search for help. I sent her an email and received a quick response that she could help me! What started out as an uncertain adventure of hope turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself and my family. Catherine has been an amazing support! She has taught me coping strategies and helped me problem solve through my feelings and some pretty scary thoughts. She is always willing to text me when I’m in a situation I cant seem to work through alone. She is dedicated to helping me and I appreciate her so much. It is not often  you find someone you click with right away but the first time I sat in her office I knew I was going to get through my troubles. Catherine has been my biggest support and my go to person. I would even go as far to call her my friend. I am thankful to have her on my side!     ~Olivia

Catherine is a remarkable therapist. She is the first person I have seen that treated me as an equal and spoke to me like a human being instead of treating me like a defect or belittling me. I was very reluctant to seek help, but I am so glad I did. Catherine has made a huge impact on my life and I have nothing but gratitude for her. I cherish the personal connection and compassion she has shown me and continue to look forward to every session.    ~Casey       

Elizabeth Gilbert spent a year out of the country, writing a book, and grieving from her divorce.  For those of us that can’t afford that extravagance, Catherine helped me recover from a traumatic marriage and divorce.  ~Steph          

Prior to meeting Catherine and beginning my journey of “self discovery,” I thought I had everything figured out, even though I did have issues I was struggling with.  “How could someone I really don’t know help me with problems that I deal with everyday?”
Boy was I wrong. I was referred to Catherine from a friend when I had begun discussing issues stemming from my broken childhood, dealing with an alcoholic parent, and settling on the fact I was going to be single the rest of my life. Now, don’t go feeling sorry for me. I was in a dark place; no self confidence, anger, sadness, and lots of confusion. Mainly, I was afraid. I was afraid to open up, to let someone in and to get to the root of my problems. Over the past year and a half, Catherine has worked with me every month and has challenged me in area’s of my life I would have never thought I could get past. The very issue that was holding me back from living my life is now something I can manage everyday and has allowed me to let go of issues from my past, move on to create more healthy relationships with those around me and finally love myself enough to break down my walls and allow a healthy, romantic relationship to flourish. I get eager to speak with Catherine every month to let her know how I am progressing. She is always there, always has the right advice and still challenges me to continue to grow and gain that confidence I thought I lost. Her even-keeled disposition and wealth of knowledge make it very easy and comforting to sit and chat for an hour. Our sessions so by so fast and I always leave ready to take on whatever the world is going to throw at me.   ~Cori
The simple definition of hope is: to think something can happen and be true.  Promises of Hope has done for me exactly what it is titled, gave me the ability to believe that something could happen and be true, as it is promised to me.  I am a person who struggles with active addiction to heroin and crack cocaine for ten years.  I would enter treatment to get out and pick right back up where I had left off.  I started attending therapy with Catherine about one year into my recovery.  I was struggling with codependency, family, and couples issues.  Just because I had put the drugs down did not mean that I was not going to struggle with many different emotional issues.  I have continued to learn about codependency throughout our many sessions together.  Today I can proudly say that I am a strong, independent mother who is in a healthy relationship with her partner.  I can see where my partner ends and I start.  I am a person in long term recovery free from drugs and alcohol, but I will continue to see Catherine regularly throughout my recovery because it can only make me stronger.  ~Brooke
My experience with the “Journey through Grief” group has been empowering.  At first I was apprehensive because my grief was different from everyone else’s.  I hadn’t technically lost anyone, I lost a relationship.  Listening to others’ stories helped me to process my own.  The group has encouraged and supported me through all the stages.  It was the most comfortable place for me to begin being vulnerable and share how I was really feeling.  I can honestly say that I have benefited more from 5 weeks of group than I have from the last 6 months of individual therapy.  ~Ashley